AHAM Capital has made significant headway with cloud transformation project

KUALA LUMPUR (July 22): AHAM Asset Management Bhd (AHAM Capital) said it had made significant headway since embarking on its public cloud transformation project, particularly in reducing cloud connectivity latency by over 50%.

In an email interview, AHAM Capital chief technology officer Allen Woo said this had propelled responsiveness and improved access for end users, leading to an enhanced overall experience.

“One of the key factors contributing to this success was the implementation of a dedicated and secure symmetric connection.

“Through this, we have significantly elevated the performance of our multi-cloud networks to ensure smooth connectivity,” he said.

To recap, AHAM Capital partnered internet service provider Extreme Broadband Sdn Bhd (EBB) in its public cloud transformation project in May.

Woo said that additionally, reduced latency had accelerated our ability to analyse and process large swathes of data to extract important insights by identifying patterns and trends.

“This can help us facilitate faster simulation and modelling capabilities, which is important to close gaps in our business as well as identify opportunities,” he said.

Woo said reduced cloud latency paves the way for the adoption of innovative technologies and services. These include integrating machine learning and harnessing data analytics to generate valuable insights to drive better business performance.

“By leveraging these advancements, we are able to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry, and meet the needs of our clients, as the financial landscape evolves,” he said.

Meanwhile, EBB founder and managing director Wong Weng Yew said with the financial sector pivoting towards digital adoption, this partnership is essential to allow companies within the financial sector to enhance their operations with more responsive user engagement, while ensuring efficient resource allocation across multiple cloud providers.

“By partnering with EBB, it enabled AHAM Capital to gain access to EBB’s connectivity solutions, including IX-Connect and the Virtual router, which are specifically designed to address the connectivity needs of the financial services industry.

“Because of this, AHAM Capital was able to leverage EBB’s expertise in cloud connectivity, and achieve a high level of network performance and capacity for AHAM Capital’s operations.

“EBB’s IX-Connect service is a highly secure Layer 2 dedicated connectivity service that links AHAM Capital’s network to the DE-CIX Internet Exchange for peering and multi-cloud connectivity,” he said.

Wong said that in the end, the use of IX-Connect had helped AHAM Capital reduce its cloud connectivity latency by 50%.

“This significant reduction in latency translates into greater responsiveness and faster access to end users for AHAM Capital’s operations, and improves the overall performance of their cloud-based applications and services, providing a better user experience for their clients, and enhancing their ability to execute critical financial operations in real time,” he said. – The Edge Malaysia

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