Simplify & centralise network management while improving performance & security
EBB SD-WAN key features:

★ Centralised Management
★ Traffic Management
★ Security
★ WAN Optimisation
★ Application Visibility and Control
★ Dynamic Path Selection
★ Cloud Readiness

Stay ahead by peering directly with top global OTT players
EBB IX-Connect Services:

★ Peer directly with other networks using BGP
★ Enhance your connectivity with lesser hop count, lower latency to your content
★ Add a layer of network resiliency to your existing ISP connectivity
★ Exchange peering traffic without paying one another

Speed up your cloud connectivity with a direct connection to all cloud service providers
EBB Cloud Direct Services:

★ Accelerate your cloud business applications via a secured link
★ Reduce network latency with fewer disruptions
★ Cost efficient and fast provisioning
★ Enhanced end user internet experience
★ Customisable and scalable bandwidth capacity
★ Peering communication without bandwidth bottlenecks or single point of failure

A strategically-located, secure, reliable and scalable environment to host your IT infrastructure
EBB Co-location Services

★ Carrier Neutral
★ Dual Power Source
★ Highly Secure Environment
★ Rich last mile connectivity with diverse internet gateways
★ Strategic Locations

A faster, more reliable, and secure internet connection tailored to business needs
EBB Dedicated Internet Access Services:

★ Delivery of high-speed internet over a Metro Ethernet network
★ Scalable bandwidth without interface and equipment upgrades
★ Round-the-clock (24/7) support
★ Dedicated account manager

Securely connect multiple sites and remote staff to corporate network via a private connection
EBB Managed IP-VPN Services:

★ A Purpose-built Private Network
★ Web-based Utilisation Report
★ Metro-ethernet Connectivity Between The Branches
★ Optional Hosted Voice And Video Conferencing Features
★ End-to-end Managed Service
★ 24/7 Network Management And Support

A comprehensive solution to efficiently manage wireless network infrastructure
EBB Managed Wi-Fi Services:

★ Network design
★ Installation
★ Configuration
★ Monitoring
★ Maintenance

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