What is an Internet Exchange?

Latency Is The Latest Currency

The current trend of business applications rely heavily on low latency connectivity to deliver the optimum user experience and business outcomes. Peering in the IX will ensure your business applications are connected via the shortest path possible to your end users, hence unlocking the edge capabilities that your applications demand. 

This EBB IX-Connect can be a stand-alone product or can be delivered as an integral add-on to our EBB Dedicated Internet Access (EBB DIA). EBB DIA is a complete solution that offers top-notch dedicated and secure internet access and has always been EBB’s main bread and butter as we design it for businesses that need greater internet capacity and an ‘always-on’ connection. 

With IX-Connect as an add-on service, not only EBB customers are able to enjoy fast and secure symmetric connection but they can also peer with all participating networks in the IX platform. Peering allows networks to exchange traffic at lowest latency possible. 

How does EBB IX-Connect work?

IX-connect is a layer 2 connectivity service that connects the customer network to the DE-CIX IX for peering purposes. Peering allows the customer network to have a direct BGP connectivity to the networks connected to the IX and exchange traffic with these networks in a settlement-free method. By settlement-free, it is referring to a mechanism that both parties exchanging the traffic do not need to pay each other for the traffic they send to each other. 

Cloud Direct

Your way into the cloud: fast, simple, stable, and secure. As a private direct connection bypassing the Internet, the Cloud Direct service minimizes downtime and guarantees continuous connection to your chosen cloud service providers at our Cloud Exchange. Our unique and stable infrastructure reduces latency, allowing fast and effective collaboration in the cloud.

Virtual PNI

On Demand Private Network Interconnection. Connect up with your customers, suppliers or branches with no additional equipment. EBB Virtual PNI allows you to connect up with anyone you choose through any of EBB IXP pops around Malaysia and Singapore.

DIA and IP Transit

Superior Internet Experience with guaranteed SLA. Experience Internet EBB way; fast, responsive and reliable. Adopted by Banks, Financial Institutions and Colleges.

Key Features & Benefits

Low Latency

Improve network performance by lowering end-to-end latency to your content and reduced distance to eyeballs.

Reduced Hop Count

Enhance your connectivity with lesser hop count.

Carrier-grade Network Resilience

Guaranteed network resilience on top of your existing ISP connectivity at lower costs.

Single Point of Interconnection

Access the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) by just connecting to the EBB network. No extra equipment or infrastructure needed.

Managed BGP Peering

Our BGP experts support network design, configuration, up until the monitoring and operation of BGP peering routers.



Excellent latency improvement


Route stability


High security


ASEAN-wide network


Technical expertise


Fully redundant


DIA or IP Transit


Fully managed service


POPs in KL, Singapore, JB and Penang

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