Build The SD-WAN that Aligns to Your Business Transformation Strategy

Traditional WAN is the connection between branches, HQ, data centers and the clouds that connects all users and things to application and data. As more business process are digitized and new applications moving into cloud, the volume of data is rising, creating more complex network challenges, inefficient and expensive WAN.

SD-WAN is a new, virtualized approach of building WAN network to solve these WAN challenges. It applies software-defined network virtualization technology to create an overlay network on top of lower cost Internet broadband links to build high performance WAN, enable enterprise to build Internet-First WAN while improving the scalability, bandwidth and WAN performance.

How it works?

How EBB SD-WAN will improve your network

EBB Cloud-based SD-WAN solution simplify operations and optimize network performance through a unified central management portal. Our solution provide better visibility and control on your network applications, apply policies to allow mission critical applications and intelligently direct or steer traffic across the WAN. EBB SD-WAN provide seamless connectivity to the major cloud service provider and International internet exchange via our secure, high performance unified connectivity fabric.


How EBB SD-WAN drive your business


Fast Deployment & Easy Integration

Rolling out SD-WAN sites is as simple as zero touch provisioning which allow configuration automatically download by the new device via single click from the orchestrator. EBB team can easily integrate with your existing network, to deliver speed and reliability to branches and remote sites.


Enhanced Visibility & Simplified O&M

SD-WAN portal comes with dashboard that has complete real-time visibility on your network. It is a single point monitoring system for business branches and it will increase operational efficiency for your IT team.


Simplify Branch Network and Improve Agility

SD-WAN allows branch network quickly adapt to changing needs of the business, we can insert network services and deploy new sites connectivity effortlessly on the branch edge, in the cloud or in the regional data centers.

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