Demystifying peering (Tom Paseka)

  • What is peering?
    In United States regulatory law interconnection is specifically defined (47 C.F.R. 51.5) as: “the linking of two or more networks for the mutual exchange of traffic.”


  • Why do we peer? 
  1. Direct relationship with “neighboring” networks.
    ii. Improved Performance

              iii. Improved Reliability / Resilience
iv. Better control of traffic
v.  Cost efficiency 


  • Who manages peering?
    i. Peering Manager
    – Often handled by a NOC or Engineering function
    – Responds to and generates peering requests over IXPs, sets up PNIs
    – Technical expertise not required, but will be an added perk. 


  1. Interconnection Manager – Often a dedicated role or committee
    – Manages overall strategy on interconnection (Peering, Transit)
    – Technical expertise not required, most people in this role have a Network Engineering
      background .

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